The vehicle is leased to the lessee in accordance with the terms of this contract, which he accepts unconditionally.

1.The vehicle is driven only by the lessee or every third driver who signs this contract, always in accordance with the Road Traffic Code.

2. The vehicle is forbidden to be driven on unpaved roads.

In the event of such driving, the following damage to the car is not covered:

  • Damage from any accident or mechanical damage (regardless of the insurance class accepted by the lessee).
  • Damage to the underside of the car, or to and on wheels, rim covers and tires, even if the tenant has purchased a WUG insurance to cover the above.

3. Losses of the inside of the car (car cabin, lining of the cabin, instruments, R / CD) in the mirrors, rims and antenna as well as loss of keys are not covered by any insurance, unless they were caused by a traffic accident with another vehicle.

4. At the return of the vehicle, if it is too dirty inside or if it is obvious that liquid or biological cleaning is required, the lessee will be charged from € 50 to € 80 + VAT, as the case may be. In case of damage to the interior of the car (dashboard, lining, instrument, etc.), the lessee has to pay the cost of repairing the damage.

5. Vehicle wiper loss or damage is not covered by any insurance.

6. It is prohibited to the lessee to load the car on a ship or drive it out of the borders of Greece.

7. The lessee is obliged to return the vehicle at the date, time and location agreed and stated on the lease, with fuel & in the mechanical and general condition of the vehicle, when delivered to him.

  • The extension of the lease requires the company’s consent to change the time and date in the contract.
  • The length of the rental in days is calculated on a 24-hour basis. Each hour of delay will be charged with ¼ of the daily charge.
  • If the vehicle is returned with less fuel than it contained when delivered to the lessee (as stated in the rental contract), the lessee is charged with the value of the fuel + € 10 for the filling of the vehicle by the company.

8. In case of a mechanical damage, the lessee is obliged to inform the company immediately, otherwise he will be held liable for this damage and any other one which will occur in the meantime and for their repair. In particular, the lessee is responsible for repairing damage or damages caused by incorrect or improper handling of the vehicle (e.g. discs, tray, transmission system). The lessee is also responsible for the correct operation of the vehicle and must check the engine oil level and overall good vehicle performance.

9. The lessee is required to pay all fines for the road traffic offenses committed during the lease as well as the administrative penalties associated with them and must deliver the relevant proof of payment to the company. In any other case, the company, upon notification of the violation by the competent police – municipal – port authority, will be entitled to receive from the lessee, by debiting its credit card, the fine imposed, plus 25 € for management expenses.

10. In case of unilateral withdrawal of the client from an agreed lease (paid reservation), he / she is not entitled to a refund.

11. In the event of an accident, the lessee must immediately inform the police and provide the company with the relevant accident report.

12. The tenant is charged with € 25 for case file costs, as long as the company is required to report an accident to its insurance company.

13. Where the lessee chooses Full Insurance, his liability in the event of an accident shall be limited to the amount of the exemption.

Exceptions for CDW, FDW & WUG:

CDW, FDW & WUG are not an insurance agreement but an agreement between Holiday car rental and the lessee

The customer is individually responsible for any of the damages listed below, regardless of whether he has accepted CDW, FDW, WUG with the most important ones being:

Damage caused by negligence, Damage due to incorrect / problematic fuel type, Damage to child / infant seats, Electricity loss due to forgotten electrical device or devices, loss of vehicle documents, loss of traffic plates.

The rental company of the vehicle is not in any case obliged to replace a cracked – pierced tire or damage to audio players (radio, CD / mp3 player, etc.).

The towing cost is not covered by any kind of insurance.

Holiday car rental is under no obligation to pay the tenant for use of telephone, taxi, or hotel accommodation.

Holiday car rental company bears no responsibility for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs, deliberately causing damage, driving off the road, driving without due care and attention or for damages in general caused by a breach of the Road Traffic Code.

It is agreed that the customer will have full and exclusive liability towards third parties in the event of such claims.

Any damage to the vehicle or accident not reported by the customer is considered to have been caused by negligence on the part of the customer, who is responsible for the restoration of any damage caused.

14. Theft Protection: The tenant may limit his liability for total theft of the car to the amount of the exemption if he accepts the extra charge per day. The burglary of the car is not covered

15. Personal security: The lessee is covered in the event of death, total or partial disability & medical expenses, if he accepts the extra charge

The lessee by signing this contract, declares that he has read the terms and the agreements listed in this contract and that he agrees with them, accepts them as essential and authorizes the company to use his credit card to pay for this contract as well of any charges occurring during or after that, without any further negotiation.

The lessee states that all the information he gave to the company, with regard to this contract is absolutely true and unreservedly recognizes that the Greek Courts of Mytilini are competent to judge on any dispute or disagreement, arising from it.

16. FREE CANCELLATION of the reservation 7 days before the receipt of the car.

After this period you will be charged the full rental amount at the time of booking.

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